Bob Ascott Biography

Bob Ascott has began his of computer industry experience in 1969 in leadership, business management and both hardware and software product development.

He has had executive assignments with IBM, Dell Computer, and Worldwide Chain Store Systems. In his 23 year IBM career, he led product development efforts in system design and architecture, branch banking systems, printer and copier products, and application solutions.

At Worldwide Chain Store Systems, Bob led an application development and services business for the retail grocery industry. He came to Austin, TX, in 1995 as an executive with Dell and led the Peripheral Products organization.

Bob was the line executive for 1500 professional staff in IBM’s Boulder Laboratory; and was responsible for the successful restructuring of the business. In Charlotte, NC he led IBM’s Branch Banking product family including ATM’s. He has developed and implemented innovative product plans and strategies throughout his career. He implemented quality management systems for both hardware and software projects and has been a Baldridge examiner for internal IBM projects and for the Austin Quality Council.

In 1996, Bob established Ascott Business Advisors, a Management and Technology consulting practice specializing in Knowledge Management with Lotus Notes. He has Principal Certification in Notes Application Development, Microsoft Certified Professional, and is an HCL and IBM Business Partner.

He was also an Associate of RFD & Associates engaged in Lotus Notes development and consulting.

Bob has an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT. In 2014, he received his PhD in  Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas.  His dissertaion was "JavaFlow:  A Java DataFlow Machine."  

 His initial research and development projects were in the area of processor and microprocessor design and architecture, system structures, local area networks, and microprocessor applications.